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Single Status Certificate

Hi there, couples getting ready to tie the knot abroad! You are in for a journey—and some paperwork—if you are a non-Muslim Malaysian who wants to say "I Do" under foreign skies! Rest assured, though—we've got you covered!

Let's talk about an important paperwork that will allow you to enter the venue of your dreams for your wedding: Certificate of Single Status.

Maybe you haven't heard of it before, and that's fine! The Single Status Certificate is a vital prerequisite for non-Muslim Malaysian nationals wanting to marry outside of Malaysia's boundaries. This document provides clear documentation of an individual's present marital status, confirming that they are unmarried and eligible for marriage.

First, the applicant must provide the original Form JPN.KC09, a standard form used in the application procedure.

Additionally, a copy of the applicant's MyKad (National Identity Card) is needed. This acts as official identification and helps to confirm the applicant's citizenship status. A copy of the passport page is required for any non-citizen potential spouses. This confirms the identification and nationality of the person wishing to marry a Malaysian citizen.

Furthermore, an original Statutory Declaration is required to confirm the applicant's existing marital status. If the applicant lives outside of Malaysia, this declaration must be made before a Malaysian representative to ensure its legal validity.

If you would like a legal representative to attend this and applying the Single Status Certificate, An original Application Letter, Authorization Letter together with Power of Attorney are required.

To get a Single Status Certificate, you need to provide some important details about yourself. These details help confirm that you're allowed to marry outside of Malaysia. Here's what you'll need to give:

  • Your full name: This is just so they know who you are.

  • Your date of birth: It's important to show how old you are.

  • Your passport number: This helps prove you're a citizen and allows you to travel internationally.

  • Your MyKad details: This includes info from your ID card to confirm your identity and citizenship.

These details are super important for getting your Single Status Certificate and making sure everything's in order for your marriage plans abroad.

In essence, the Single Status Certificate is more than a piece of paper; it signifies legitimacy, commitment, and adherence to international norms. It gives couples peace of mind knowing that their marriage is legally recognized and acknowledged, no matter where their love journey takes them.


Legal Disclaimer

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The article posted is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Facts and circumstances differ from case-to-case. Please consult your lawyer for specific legal advice and action to be taken.












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