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About US

Donny Wong & Co. was established in 2006 

It was upon trust:-

  • in Our Knowledge of Law;

  • in Our Delivery of Professional Services;

  • that our Client's Best Interests are Secured; and

  • that our Client's Expectations will be Surpassed

that has sustained and grown Donny Wong & Co from strength to strength since its inception in 2006.


With gratitude to our Clients, our Firm has served more than 3,000 clients from more than 15 countries.


Our Clients have come to know us as timely, responsive, and knowledgeable – as Lawyers who endeavour to ensure our Clients interests are secured at every corner. We understand that when Clients engage us, we too are entrusted to engage in return with our Clients and offer comprehensive tailored solutions.

We are strong in conveyancing matters. Through the years, we have built on our strengths and sought to think outside the box. With regards to sale and property transactions, we have built a stronghold in the property market for Mont Kiara, Damansara Heights and Desa Park City.

We are also strong in corporate and commercial matters. We cover a wide breadth of matters, ranging from start-up legal work, mergers & acquisition matters such as share subscription agreements, shareholder agreements, and sale & purchase of shares such as due diligence and business collaboration agreements to name a few.



We additionally serve as a process agent on contracts or commercial agreements for clients situated abroad, such as ISDA agreements, financing and [choose: security agreements, licence agreements, master service agreements] to name but a few. 

Through our principal, Donny Wong, we offer affirmations, notarisation, certification and authentication services. 

Please click here for further details of our practice areas. 

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As Malaysia is not a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (or, the Apostille Convention), we provide services of legalising documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia, and various embassies situated in Malaysia.  

As part of our commitment to convenience, Donny Wong & Co provides stamping services to help facilitate agreements including tenancy agreements for stamp duty adjudication, payment of ad valorem or nominal stamp duty and issuance of stamp certificates. 

Our Values
  • Trust & Integrity – more so in this day and age, we believe that trust & integrity are fundamentals of legal practice

  • Service Qualitywhilst this may be stating the obvious, we believe in being accountability and taking pride in one’s profession.

  • Building People Up – society functions and flourishes when we take it upon ourselves to mentor, guide and share knowledge and experiences with others so that everyone may be empowered

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