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 At Donny Wong & Co, we provide legal expertise and advice on the following areas:
Real Property
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements

  • Perfection of Transfer

  • Love and Affection Transfers

  • Tenancy Agreements

  • Transfer of Real Properties from a Deceased’s Estate to the Beneficiaries

  • Endorsement with Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Legalisation of Agreement, Foreign Public Documents with Embassies 

  • Limited Translation Services (English to Malay and Chinese)

Corporate & Commercial
  • Advisory Services and Structuring

  • Rendering Legal Opinions

  • Legal Due Diligence

  • Licence and Franchise Agreements

  • Business or Asset Acquisition Agreements

  • Distributorship Agreements

  • Supply and Service Agreements

Banking & Finance
  • Housing Loans

  • Retail Loans

  • Islamic Facilities

  • Friendly Loans

  • Refinancing Documents

  • Perfection of Charge

  • Redemption of Property

  • Discharge of Charge

  • Deed of Receipt and Reassignment

Notary Public
  • Notarisation, Certification, Affirmation, Authentication, Declaration, Certify True Copy & Witness

Commissioner for Oaths
  • Affirmation Services for Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Proof of Debt, 'Borang DDA', Royal Malaysian Customs’ General Bond

  • Stamp Duty Cancellation, specifically for Statutory Declarations

Trust & Estate
  • Will Writing 

  • Trust Deeds

  • Power of Attorney

  • Grant of Probate 

  • Letter of Administration 

  • Small Estate Distribution Orders 

  • Resealing of Probate or Letter of Administration in Malaysia

  • Order for Sale of Estate Properties

  • Transfer of Real Properties i.e., as Land, Residential or Commercial Properties from the Estate to the Beneficiaries

Family Law
  • Joint Petition Divorce

  • Debt Recovery, i.e., Issuance of Letter of Demand 

  • Claim for Unpaid Rental and Eviction of Tenants

  • Issuance of Cease-and-Desist Letters

Trademark & Copyright
  • Trademark Official Searches, Trademark Application and Registration 

  • Assignment of Trademark

  • Registration of Copyright

  • Issuance of Cease-and-Desist Letters

Process Agent
  • At Donny Wong & Co, we are positioned to act as a Process Agent to accept notification or service of legal process for contracts, financing and transaction documentations, and ISDA agreements

  • Stamping Services, i.e., Submission for Adjudication, Payment of Ad Valorem or Nominal Stamp Duty, and Issuance of Stamp Certificate

  • Our fees depend on the nature of documents, such as tenancy agreements etc.

Start-Ups & Technology
  • Terms and Conditions of Use for Websites and Mobile Applications

  • Privacy Policy including Personal Data Protection under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010

  • Membership and Loyalty Programmes

  • Merchant Agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Share Subscription Agreement

Agreement for subscribing ordinary shares or redeemable preference shares in a private limited company

  • Share sale agreement

Agreement for the sale and purchase of shares in a company

  • Shareholders’ agreement

Agreement amongst shareholders of a company agreeing on the management and the rights and obligations of shareholders

  • Joint Venture agreement

Agreement among two or more parties setting out the duties and obligations of the parties as they share their resources towards a common goal

Employment & Industrial Relations 
  • Employment Agreement (Contract of Service)

  • Consultancy Agreement (Contract of Service)

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