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Setting Your Property Free: Understanding the Discharge of Charge Process

Finally, the day has arrived – your good self being the Borrower or Owner has completed the last installment, settling the full amount owed on your Property. It's like a breath of fresh airas the land, once bound by a charge with the bank, is now free. But hold on, it’s not as simple as just making the payment. There’s a legal process to be done, and a lawyer is your partner in this intricate routine.

Let’s explore the steps and responsibilities involved in the Discharge of Charge process.

1. What is Discharge of Charge?

Discharge of Charge is a process to reclaim the Original Title from the bank upon the settlement of the housing loan with the Financier. This transaction can only get done when the loan was successfully been settled with the appointed Financier. 


2. Why Appoint a Lawyer to do this?

You might wonder, why involve a lawyer in this affair? Well, it’s not just a formality. Dealing with the land office and obtaining the original title and loan documents from the bank requires legal finesse. A lawyer is your guide through this labyrinthine process.


3. Documents Required from the Borrower / Owner

As the Borrower / Owner, you need to furnish your lawyer with vital documents. These include copies of your identification card, proof of payment for quit rent and assessment, along with evidence of loan settlement. 


Additionally, a Letter of Authorization and Form 16N (Discharge of Charge) must be signed to authorize your lawyer to act on your behalf and to be presented at the land office.


4. Understanding the Costs Involved

Typically, the fee for the stamping would cost RM10.00 for the 16N to be adjudicated on eStamps. The registration fee of the Discharge of Charge at the land office depends but not more than RM200.00


Also, the legal fees should be conditional on the service, transportation, etc.


5. How long the process would take?

While it ideally shouldn’t take more than five months, the timeline can be influenced by the bank’s efficiency in releasing loan documents. However, getting Form 16N adjudicated and registered at the land office should be reasonably prompt.


6. Receiving the Original Title

Your appointed lawyer will keep you in the loop throughout the process, ensuring you’re promptly informed when the original title registered under your name is ready for collection from the land office.


7. Confirming Title Registration

To confirm that the title is fully registered under your name, your lawyer will provide a cover letter enclosing all original documents acquired from the bank and the original title from the land office. Your name and identification details should be clearly listed on the title, signaling that your property is no longer encumbered by any bank charges.


In conclusion, the discharge of charge process is a crucial step towards securing your property rights. By understanding the procedures and responsibilities involved, you can navigate this legal terrain with confidence and ensure a smooth transition to a debt-free property ownership status.

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Legal Disclaimer

We trust that you have gained some information from this article. If you have any specific questions related to this article, please contact us at

The article posted is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Facts and circumstances differ from case-to-case. Please consult your lawyer for specific legal advice and action to be taken.





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