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Donny Wong's Expert Advice on Unlocking Notarization in Malaysia

Have you ever wanted to know how to get a notarization in Malaysia? Then, you are at the right spot! Not only Donny Wong is a seasoned lawyer, but he is also notably recognised as a Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths and registered Trademark Agent. Come and spend a few minutes of yours as we probe into the very interesting field of notarization in Malaysia, with his knowledge and experience at your side.

Powers of attorney, affidavits, statutory declarations, and other foreign documents can all be witnessed and attested by a Notary Public under Section 4(1) of the Notaries Public Act 1959. The integrity of legal documents is enhanced by this authority's assurance of signature authenticity and validity.

However, the responsibilities of Notaries Public are explicitly restricted in Section 4(2) of the Notaries Public Act of 1959. The document specifies that although they generally possess extensive jurisdiction to administer oaths and affirmations, this jurisdiction does not apply to statutory declarations or affidavits intended for local use.

We not only notarize documents, but also cover all the bases when it comes to getting them endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ("MOFA") and legalised through the embassy, as long as it's in Kuala Lumpur.

In order to get your documents legally authorised by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our team will take care of all the required procedures. The estimated professional fee for this service starts at RM500 and can vary based on factors including the type of document and the amount that needs endorsing.

In addition, we expedite the process for documents that need to be legalised through an embassy, making sure that everything is done according to the rules and regulations set down by the embassy.

The previously mentioned professional expenses do not include disbursements, filing fees, or government service tax. Simplifying complicated procedures and guaranteeing the validity and authenticity of your documents, our mission is to offer rapid and dependable support to fulfil your notarization, endorsement, and legalisation demands. If you need any additional information or support, our committed team is available to assist you at every stage.



Legal Disclaimer

We trust that you have gained some information from this article. If you have any specific questions related to this article, please contact us at

The article posted is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Facts and circumstances differ from case-to-case. Please consult your lawyer for specific legal advice and action to be taken.


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