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FAQ: Notary Public

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What Our Clients Say

Perhaps, this is best answered by our clients, many of whom are returning clients who attribute us as “professional” and “responsive” with “high quality service” and "value".

Client Focused

Our clients are important to us. Internally, we make it a point to be accessible, responsive and updated.

This is our service delivery promise to you.

Experience & Knowledge

Our firm is more than fifteen years old and our partners come with twenty years of legal practice.

Therefore, we don’t just state the law but we share our experiences in how the law is interpreted and applied pragmatically.

Awards & Recognition

Best Estate Lawyers in Malaysia

Best Corporate Law Firm in Malaysia

Best Notary Public in Kuala Lumpur

Best Notary Public KL Selangor


"For any tech start-ups looking for reliable and efficient law firm, Donny Wong & Co is the firm to go for. Did a few of my company's venture investment deals. Gave good advice & service!"

Swee Yeong Tan

"Donny and his lawyers are providing excellent services with prompt follow up and in love with their efficiency. Transparent and well versed with all the legal knowledge. Strongly recommended to use Donny Wong & Co for all the conveyancing matters and you will never engaged other legal advisor beside him."

Alicia Tey

"Excellent service by Donny Wong and his team even when dealing in complicated matters with large international parties."

Michiel Wind




Donny Wong & Co

Donny Wong & Co. specializes in corporate and commercial matters, ranging from start-ups to mergers and acquisitions. It also serves as a process agent for international agreements, including ISDA and financing agreements and a trademark agent in Malaysia. Furthermore, it provides conveyancing services, with a strong presence in the property market.

Carmen Teh & Co

Carmen Teh & Co. continuously expands its legal services through prestigious affiliates across diverse disciplines, solidifying our position as a leading firm. Our esteemed partners complement our comprehensive range of legal services. With strategic collaborations and specialised expertise, we craft bespoke solutions for your business objectives, ensuring remarkable results. Rest assured, with Carmen Teh & Co., you can confidently navigate complexities and achieve resounding success in your endeavours.

Lo & Yong

Based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Lo & Yong offers its services as registered patent, trademark, and industrial design agents.

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