General Article – Adjudication

Are you a contractor who has not been paid by the Main Contractor or Developer?

If you are and if there is a written contract entered into between you and the Main Contractor of Developer you may recover the debt by Adjudication Proceedings.

Adjudication Proceeding is an economical and expedient manner for contractors to recover from the Main Contractor or Developer the sum due and owing to them without having to go through full trial which is costly and may take more than a year to conclude.

Whereas Adjudication Proceeding is concluded expeditiously where the Adjudicator is required to deliver an Adjudication Decision within 45 working days from the service of Adjudication Reply or Adjudication Response (whichever is later).

The Unpaid Contractor may proceed with Adjudication Proceedings even though the Written Contract contains an Arbitration Clause.

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