Our Family

Donny Wong

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, Monash University, Australia (1999)
Admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia (1999)
Admitted to the Malaysian Bar (August 2000)

Donny Wong is a lawyer, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths and Trademark Agent. He specializes in venture capitalists and startup works.

Apart from corporate and commercial work, Donny Wong has vast experience in conveyancing matters. He has represented sales and purchases of industrial properties worth RM50 million between foreigners and their Malaysian counterparts.

Notable Transactions

Hermo – Donny Wong was the lawyer and stakeholder acting for the founders, venture capitalists and angel investors of Hermo in respect of the sale of Hermo to iStyle with a deal value of USD13.2 million

Propwall – Donny Wong was the retainer lawyer for Ocision prior to the acquisition of Propwall by Star Publications

Justin Lee

Bachelor of Laws, Cardiff University, UK (1996)
Certificate of Legal Practice (1998)
Admitted to the Malaysian Bar (1999)
Diploma in Singapore Law (2008)
Admitted to the Singapore Bar (2009)

Justin commenced legal practice in 1999.  He heads the employment practice at M/s Donny Wong & Co and is active in advisory, litigation and training courses in the field Industrial Relations, labour and employment law.  He was previously a Senior Consultant at one of the top boutique IR consultancy firms in Malaysia.

Justin is known for his accurate advice given in a no-nonsense, straightforward approach and has advised and represented organisations and individuals on a wide range of matters including industrial / labour court matters, conciliation meetings, termination of employment, constructive dismissal, Mutual Separation Schemes, poor performance, transfers, secondment, reorganization and restructuring exercises, employment documentation (contracts, appointment letters, show cause letters, notice of inquiry, dismissal letters etc), preparation of legal opinions, employment handbook, drafting policies (including sexual harassment, disciplinary procedure etc), trained clients for domestic inquiry preparation (including providing training for prosecutors / panel members), prepared and guided clients on the correct steps to be taken in a retrenchment exercise, VSS, medical board out, etc.

Justin is also a speech writer, and in addition has written and contributed articles in publications.

As one of the more sought after trainers in the industry, Justin is a regular speaker at public courses, in-house trainings and HR conferences.

Kathy Wong

Bachelor of Laws, University of London (2016)

Kathy has been with the firm since 2007. She studied part-time and obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2016.

Kathy has been supporting the firm in an extensive range of matters and is instrumental in growing the firm. She has worked closely with partners and associates to develop know-how and precedents for the firm.

Kathy handles a broad range of work in the area of real estate transactions such as sale and purchase of properties (both individuals and companies), tenancies, leases, property financing (both conventional and islamic) as well as trademark matters. She has effectively resolved complex transactions relating thereto.

Outside of DWC, she is passionate about nail art. In her leisure time, Kathy enjoys hiking and running.

Kathy is also conversant in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Tan Wenn Wenn

Bachelor of Laws, Queens University Belfast, UK (June 2017)
Bar Professional Training Course, UK (September 2017)
Admitted to the United Kingdom Bar (June 2018)
Admitted to the Malaysian Bar (August 2019)

Wenn Wenn from her past experience has garnered experience in banking litigation which includes financing matters, hire-purchase, Islamic financing, and foreclosure proceedings. In connection therewith, she is knowledgeable in both private and public auctions.

Here in DWC, Wenn Wenn works closely with her colleagues in various matters ranging from conveyancing, corporate dealings, wills and estate, divorce and other general litigation matters.

Outside of practice, Wenn Wenn owns and runs an online business since 2016 wherein she deals in the sale of luxury goods. Predominantly being a collector and reseller for authentic preloved luxury bags, Wenn Wenn specialises in the esteemed Louis Vuitton brand.

Her personal experience as an entrepreneur grants her a greater understanding of her client’s needs and wants in their commercial dealings.

Wenn Wenn also goes the extra mile in advising her commercial clients not only on the legal aspects of running a business, but also on the business side of things.

Wenn Wenn is conversant in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Wenn Wenn has a particularly strong command in Mandarin. Being a mandarin speech writer and public speaker, she also has experience in being a master of ceremony for various events.



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